Can you make deals with the devil

Why wouldn't you use your soul like a credit card at the Satan Superstore? What's the worst that could happen?.
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Your soul.

If you had to make a deal with the devil, what would you ask for that would make it worth it?

I thought everyone knew that those are the official terms of any Faustian pact. Just my soul? Would you rather do a deal with the Devil or Tony Blair? Oh, the devil definitely. I imagine him being a lot more transparent. Sign up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. Question Of The Day. Welcome to Question of the Day. It gives interns something to do!

Shan, 24, student: Yeah, I would.


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  • Can a Person make a Pact with the Devil??
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According to demonology , there is a specific month, day of the week, and hour to call each demon, so the invocation for a pact has to be done at the right time. Also, as each demon has a specific function, a certain demon is invoked depending on what the conjurer is going to ask. In the narrative of the Synoptic Gospels , Jesus is offered a series of bargains by the devil, in which he is promised worldly riches and glory in exchange for serving the devil rather than God.

After Jesus rejects the devil's offers, he embarks on his travels as the Messiah [3] see Temptations of Christ. The predecessor of Faustus in Christian mythology is Theophilus "Friend of God" or "Beloved of God" the unhappy and despairing cleric, disappointed in his worldly career by his bishop, who sells his soul to the devil but is redeemed by the Virgin Mary. A ninth-century Miraculum Sancte Marie de Theophilo penitente inserts a Virgin as intermediary with diabolus , his "patron", providing the prototype of a closely linked series in the Latin literature of the West.

In the tenth century, the poet nun Hroswitha of Gandersheim adapted the text of Paulus Diaconus for a narrative poem that elaborates Theophilus' essential goodness and internalizes the seduction of good and evil, in which the devil is magus , a necromancer. As in her model, Theophilus receives back his contract from the devil, displays it to the congregation, and soon dies.

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The term "a pact with the devil" is also used metaphorically to condemn a person or persons perceived as having collaborated with an evil person or regime. An example of this is the Nazi-Jewish negotiations during the Holocaust , both positively [18] and negatively.

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However, Rudolf Kastner was accused of negotiating with the Nazis to save a select few at the expense of the many. According to some, the term served to inflame public hatred against Kastner, culminating in his assassination. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Making a Deal with the Devil for 2017 riches

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  6. The Sources of the Faust Tradition: From Simon Magus to Lessing. New York: Seems like an obvious deal to pass on, right? Some stories end well and others…not so much. If you sold your soul to the devil for a pocket watch that could stop time at your happiest moment, seems like a good deal. One question, though—when do you stop time?

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    The day you get married? When your first child is born? Not so easy, is it? Boy, does Rosemary get a raw deal in this chilling tale that was a hit in both novel and film form. That horror is ramped up past a gazillion when Rosemary discovers that her true baby daddy is none other than Mr.